F1 STEM/Open Week

What a great end to the week to see a Year 4 boy crowned Formula 1 champion of the school! This week has been amazing. Our boys have been totally engrossed in designing, testing, evaluating and refining cars over the course of the week. Learning about aerodynamics in science, budgeting in maths and advertising in English, our boys are now ready to run their own F1 teams!

Everyone in school was involved in the racing of a car on the final day of the STEAMED week, with Year 4, 5 and 6 racing Carbon dioxide gas-powered cars down a 20m run in less than 2 seconds. In celebration assembly, we got to see some of the amazing work the pupils have done which will be on display at parents evenings throughout the term.

Put simply, it was incredible! Thank you to all the teachers for their hard work and all the boys for their enthusiasm and determination.

Mr Parsons.

There are lots more pictures over on our Facebook page.