World Book Day and Paul Geraghty visit

After a quick trip to Narnia, last week, the boys came back to ‘Hogwarts’, where they enjoyed our belated World Book Day celebrations. The day began with an Inter House Lit. Quiz and after six rounds, St David’s were the winners. Huge congratulations to them and to the winning team, Narwhals – Oliver, Nathan, Isty, Rohan and Joshua.
The boys enjoyed lunch in the Hogwarts Great Hall, complete with candles hanging from the ceiling and Hedwig. Thank goodness nobody received a Howler! They dined on Bertie Bott’s Beans, Polyjuice and Butter Beer.

They have also enjoyed some wonderful sessions with the author and illustrator Paul Geraghty.
The boys were resplendent in their costumes and a great celebration of books and reading was had by us all.
Mrs Andrew.

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