Preparing for 11+

Our curriculum is planned, our resources chosen and our staff selected purely with the aim of helping our pupils develop and thrive.

This focus leads to excellent results at 11+, and our pupils routinely win places at the region’s leading grammar, independent and state schools.

The Reading area is served by a large number of extremely good senior independent and grammar schools, which select pupils through the 11+ entrance exam taken in Year 6.

At St Edward’s Prep, we understand that when choosing a prep school, parents are already looking ahead to where their children will go in Year 7. While different schools suit and support different children, our responsibility is to ensure that your son is prepared and confident for when the time for 11+ entrance exams comes around, whichever senior school you choose.

Our carefully tailored and specialised coaching for 11+ exams leads to outstanding results. The key is in the excellent foundations from Little Griffins Nursery Class onward. By the time our pupils reach the upper years, they are already keen, enthusiastic, independent learners. Our specialised 11+ preparation helps them hone the skills they have already learned, and allows them to approach exams with confidence.

Our pupils’ success at securing places to Reading School is particularly noteworthy, given the extremely competitive entry process. Grammar school is not for everyone, however, and our pupils also gain places at the region’s top selective independent schools, often with scholarships.

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