As an independent school, St Edward’s Prep is not bound by the National Curriculum and we are proud to offer a curriculum that goes beyond, preparing our pupils with the character, attitude, skills, knowledge and awareness they will need to meet the challenges of this fast-moving and evolving time.  

Our curriculum framework and co-curriculum are designed to inspire, engage and challenge our children to develop understanding, passion and interests. It provides opportunities to work collaboratively or independently towards meaningful actions where learning can be applied and our pupils can take responsibility for the world they live in, making it a better place for us all. 

Inquiry based learning empowers our pupils to succeed whilst building their learning power, the language to express themselves and their leadership skills. It makes their learning relevant and meaningful and develops a deep understanding of the world in which they live and their responsibility for it.  



Each step of our children’s education prepares them for the next; starting in the Early Years with a nurturing and stimulating introduction to school and a curriculum that encourages independence and curiosity. To our Pre-Prep that builds the foundation of life-long learning and starts to the Prep School that prepares pupils for the 11+ and senior school but also gives pupils the skills and character they need to be successful. 

Well-rounded and well balanced 

Our curriculum is carefully balanced to provide pupils excellent opportunities in all areas. 

Our high quality English and Maths Teaching provides pupils with the firm foundation that they need and is taught by subject specialists from Year 4-6.  

Science and Technology are given the time needed to develop scientific and Computer Science skills pupils will need.  

Through our Themes of Investigation, we also develop a rich cultural and global understanding that is so important to our community and for our children’s future. Through this our pupils also learn the geographical, historical, religious skills and knowledge and develop personal curiosity and learning skills. They express themselves through meaningful Art projects and develop exciting solutions to the world’s problems through our engaging and challenging STEAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). 

Drama and Music are taught by our passionate specialist teacher and our pupils have the opportunity to perform in plays, choirs and concerts at each stage of their St Edward’s journey.  

Sport plays a major part in a pupil’s life at St Edward’s and we take part in a busy and competitive local fixtures circuit.  

St Edward’s Prep is an exciting and inspiring place to be. We would love to tell you more about the amazing opportunities our pupils receive through our carefully designed curriculum. Please arrange a visit or call to find out more.