Outdoor play at St Edward's Prep, Reading
Learning is fun at St Edward's Prep, Reading

Educating boys

At St Edward’s, we are extremely experienced in educating boys.

We know what makes boys tick and how they learn. We understand their exuberance and energy, and how to channel their enthusiasm! Capturing their imaginations and interest, we support and challenge them to get stuck in, take risks and fulfil their potential. Our curriculum is planned, our resources chosen and our staff selected purely with the aim of helping boys develop and thrive.

This focus leads to excellent results at 11+, and our pupils routinely win places at the region’s leading grammar, independent and state schools.

An innovative school where creativity enriches a traditional education

Boys do best academically when traditional learning is shot through with lots of hands-on, practical experience. Strength in English and Maths is the base upon which everything else is built, and these core academic subjects are delivered by specialist teachers and approached with imagination and creativity. Our excellent science, engineering and technology curriculum is delivered in fully equipped Science and Computer Science laboratories, where we encourage curiosity and develop problem-solving strategies. Sport plays a key role in developing leadership and teamwork skills, while a thriving music and drama department helps boys have the confidence to shine. Our curriculum is full and well-rounded, but there is still plenty of time for our boys to let off steam outdoors and enjoy their childhood.

"A small close-knit educational community where every individual matters and every achievement is recognised and praised" Parent