Pastoral care

St Edward’s Prep School is a happy, safe, caring, supportive and inclusive school in which personal and physical development, academic success, inquiry and global mindedness form the basis of the exciting and inspiring education we offer.

St Edward’s Prep School is focused on each child succeeding to be the very best they can be and we are there to support them every step of the way. It is very important that all the children at St Edward’s know to whom they can turn for support and guidance.

Our pastoral care system is designed to support the stated aims of the school in encouraging all pupils to maximise their potential. This potential includes their academic, social, physical, spiritual, personal and emotional potentials. The pastoral care system aims to:

  • Encourage pupils to become responsible for their own personal and social development.
  • Foster an environment where all pupils feel known, valued, cared for, safe, liked and respected.
  • Offer sympathetic and supportive guidance to all pupils
  • To include all interested parties in this development, whether teaching staff, support staff, parents or guardians or peer groups.

The school has appointed a staff member to be the ‘Listening Ear’ for the pupils. They post a request for a private chat into a red box in the foyer. It is called the “Chatterbox” and provides the pupils with an alternative to their tutor for a conversation.

"St Edward’s is a school where all children are encouraged and helped to be the very best they can be. Parent"