The admissions process at St Edward’s Nursery and Prep is simple and straightforward, and we are always happy to help parents with any questions along the way.

Pupils generally join St Edward’s in Little Griffins Nursery Class after their third birthday, in Reception the September after their fourth birthday, or in Year 3 the September after their seventh birthday. However, places in other year groups are sometimes available, and occasionally children also join us mid-year. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Step 1 – Initial enquiry

Register your interest using the Register an Enquiry link below. Please complete as much information as possible. Our Registrar will be in touch to give you any information that you would like about the school. If you prefer, you can call Admissions on 0118 957 4342.

Step 2 – Personal tour

You may already have visited us on one of our Open Days, but we will invite you for a personal tour of the school so you can see our cheerful classrooms and outdoor space on a normal school day. You will have the opportunity to discuss any questions you have with our Headteacher, Jonathan Parsons, and tell us about your child.

Step 3 – Offer of a place

Following your visit, Nursery-aged children will be invited in to meet Mrs Turner and spend some time with the Nursery children in Little Griffins. Children joining the main school will be invited to join us for an informal assessment, and we will ask you for a copy of a report from your child’s current setting. All being well, we will then offer your child a place at St Edward’s Prep.

Step 4 – Acceptance

If you wish to proceed, we will send you:

  • Offer Letter
  • Registration Form (£50 registration fee is required)
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Parental Acceptance Form (£500 deposit is required)

As soon as the relevant documents and payments are submitted, your place at St Edward’s Prep will be secured.

Step 5 – Transition

Once you have accepted your place, we will be in touch to arrange a series of taster days and transition visits, designed to help your child become familiar with the school and his or her future teacher and classmates before they join us. A system of buddying is in place; new pupils are looked after by old hands and shown where everything is and how things are done. Children joining us at other times of the academic year are also offered the opportunity to spend a day with the class they will enter on arrival.