Admissions Process

Step 1 – Initial Enquiry

Using the Register an Enquiry link, complete as much information as possible.

Step 2 – Enquiry Response

The Admissions Team will be in contact to assist further with your enquiry. Prior to Step 3, they will ask for a copy of your child’s most current school report.

Step 3 – Meet the Headteacher

Upon receipt of your child’s school report, you will be invited to meet the Headteacher, Mr Jonathan Parsons, via a video link meeting. This will be a two-way opportunity for you to ask questions and for Mr Parsons to give you an insight into life at St Edward’s Prep.

Step 4 – Offer of a Place

Subject to a satisfactory school report and video meeting, Mr Parsons’ decision to offer a place will be immediate and will avoid any unnecessary delay during this uncertain period.

Step 5 – Acceptance

If you wish to proceed, the Admissions Team will arrange to send the following documents through to you electronically:

  • Offer Letter
  • Registration Form (£50 registration fee is required)
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Parental Acceptance Form (£500 deposit is required)

As soon as the relevant documents and payments are submitted, your place at St Edward’s Prep will have been secured and a series of transition visits will be arranged.