St Edward’s Prep is going co-ed!

We are delighted to announce that our successful and high-achieving school for children aged 3-11 is going co-ed! Girls will be joining the Pre-Reception Little Griffins class in January 2021 and the Reception class in September 2021. This move marks an exciting new chapter in the school, and coincides with the Headship of Jonathan Parsons, who stepped into the role in September 2020. 




Why the move to co-ed?

The school has been exploring the option of moving to co-education for some time. We are extremely proud of the quality of learning we have always offered to our boys, and of the excellent outcomes achieved by them. However, there has been a shift of opinion in our community, in education and in the wider world, that a more inclusive environment, one in which boys and girls work and grow side by side, is better for the development of the whole child both pastorally and academically.

With this change in attitudes as a driver, we recently carried out a formal consultation process with our current parents, many of whom have daughters as well as sons. The results showed our school community was overwhelmingly in favour of the move.


What will change?

Going co-ed is not as complete a transformation as might appear from the outside.  The children at St Edward’s thrive not because they are in an all-boy setting, but because the environment we have created here allows the school to respond toeach child as an individual. 

The boys already in school will remain in single sex classes for the rest of their time with us, so the impact on them will be kept to a minimum. Girls will start in Reception in September 2021, and will move naturally up the school in the coming years.



What happens next?

Over the next few months, the school will be planningcarefullyto ensure a smooth and successful transition. We will continue to provide the highest-possible quality of education, in an environment that nurtures, supports, challenges and prepares its pupils, ensuring they are ready to move to the next phase of their education with enthusiasm and confidence. 


Find out more!

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