How we learn in Prep

At St Edward’s Prep, we understand how children learn. By the time they move up to the Prep department, they have an extremely solid base from which to build. They have learnt techniques to maintain concentration, and enjoy getting to grips with ever-more challenging topics and subjects. Focus shifts towards ensuring our pupils are ready and prepared for entrance exams to both Reading Grammar and the impressive selection of independent senior schools in the region.

At St Edward’s Prep we provide a broad, balanced inspiring education that enables pupils to:

  • love learning
  • explore, wonder and question
  • solve problems in a variety of ways with the confidence to take action
  • evaluate and reflect on their achievement and progress taking responsibility for their learning
  • make their best contribution to the self, others and the wider world;
  • develop academically and socially to their potential nurturing positive relationships and promoting cooperation
  • to explore spiritual, cultural, moral and physical development and teach pupils about the British culture and the fundamental British values
  • develop important skills for their future such as creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration
  • to feel success and enjoy it

For more details on how subjects are taught in Prep, click on the links below.

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For more information on how the school provides for children with English as an additional language, please see our Special Educational Needs and Learning Disabilities Policy below;

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy