English in Prep

English lessons at St Edward’s harness the talent of each and every child. We feed these talents by playing with words, reading for pleasure and being adept in grammar and punctuation. In short, English lessons, here, are empowering!

Like intrepid explorers, the children discover hidden treasure troves of words that help them to use the perfect word in a precise place. Discovering and owning words gives them confidence and inspires them to express and articulate their wonderful (and sometimes weird) ideas with enthusiasm and energy. Before they know it, they are storytellers and story makers bouncing along on a journey of great discovery.

Along with mastering this difficult skill, they read, read, read and read some more. Admittedly, some reluctantly to begin with, but soon they are hooked into the magic of stories and being transported to other worlds where anything can happen. Lessons are a safe place to speak your mind, try out new words and share great reads.

Good writing is supported by accurate mechanics and so, too, the children are great with punctuation and grammar; editing their work accurately so that their writing can be enjoyed by the reader. Above all the pupils get stuck-in, working enthusiastically to become quick-speakers; word-workers; tale-readers; poem-inspirers; story-tellers; joy-creators!

Pupils develop competence in communication (speaking, listening, reading and writing), and learn to apply these skills to other areas of learning.