Maths in Prep

As the pupils move up into Year 3, Maths lessons will continue to develop the children’s calculation skills and capacity to think, reason and solve problems.

They build the ability to solve ever-more complex number problems in a variety of contexts, discussing mathematical ideas and developing mathematical language. We encourage an understanding of Maths through the process of inquiry and experiment, and an appreciation of mathematical patterns and relationships.

Maths lessons at St Edward’s are fun and interactive, with activities such as singing and dancing to the ‘BODMAS’ song. Children learn best with practical activities; by making, building, drawing patterns, using mathematical resources to aid their leaning visually and kinaesthetically.

Our pupils choose their own challenges, with guidance and according to their own ability, and they have the flexibility to move up or down. We grade the difficulty of these challenges like a curry; mild, medium or spicy! If it’s too hot, they can always move to a milder curry or vice versa.

Years 4, 5 and 6 take part in annual Maths challenges at other schools such as Eagle House, Crosfields, Luckley House and The Oratory, to encourage competition in a subject other than sport. In the last two years, St Edward’s has won two of these Maths challenges, one at Crosfields Year 4 and one at Eagle House Yr 6, and come in the top ten in all others.

St Edward’s Perfect Maths Day is a whole school event, with maths assemblies and a Maths Challenges of the Month for both pre-prep and prep pupils.

The weekly Maths Club gives the children the opportunity to get help with prep or school work, as well as play maths games on the Hudles or Smartboard with their peers.