Sport in Prep

Sport is an integral part of a child’s development, and our ethos here at St Edward’s Prep is to ensure every child has access to a sport they can learn to enjoy.

We have been extremely lucky in recent years to have worked with and developed the skills of some gifted sportsmen, and our success on the fixture circuit can certainly attest to this. Our rounded approach to all aspects of sport means those who lack confidence can become familiar with how to be successful

We strive to ensure continuity as pupils enter the Prep school – a continuing love and passion for sport which can only benefit each child’s progress. Our focus is to offer a large variety of activities across the P.E. and Games curriculum, so every student can find a sport they love.

This will, in turn, increase participation in and out of school, and give more pupils the opportunity to represent St Edward’s Prep in matches – something each child is very keen to do. Ultimately, the aim is to make sure every pupil who leaves us has a passion for a certain sport; a passion which will prepare them well for sporting challenges in the future.

"St Edward's works extremely hard arranging a packed fixtures programme and it is always a pleasure to go along and support the children." Parent