Little Griffins Nursery

Welcome to Little Griffins Nursery, where children are inspired to learn, confident to try and happy to be a part of our vibrant St Edward’s community.

Little Griffins Nursery is where children from the age of three begin their exciting educational adventure. Supported by our dedicated and caring Early Years staff they are invited each day to join in with a variety of activities. These are purposefully set by our experienced teachers to guide children to the next steps in their developmental journey. We believe that Early Education is of the utmost importance and that children are capable, confident individuals. We encourage curiosity and independence, build confidence and set children off on the right road to effective, lifelong learning.

What makes Little Griffins Nursery different?

Being in a Nursery class that is part of a small, nurturing Prep School gives children a great head-start when they move on to Reception.

We believe children flourish in an environment where they feel a true sense of belonging. Our Little Griffins are very much part of the wider school community. It is not unusual to see our eldest children holding doors open for them, checking in to see how their day is going, or giving them a passing high five! You will hear Nursery children confidently saying ‘Good Morning’ to the different teachers and children they pass on the way to their classroom, confident in their surroundings.

The classrooms are calm, clutter-free, stimulating environments which act as a home from home. The teachers are their familiar adults, there to support and champion them each day.

A welcoming community

We love having new families join our Nursery community and take plenty of opportunities throughout the year to come together and connect. We have a huge amount of pride in our children; not only can you catch a glimpse of their day-to-day learning on our online journal ‘Tapestry’, we also provide regular reports on their progress, hold parents’ evenings and host ‘stay and play’ sessions for you to see them thriving in the classroom first-hand. As a social community we come together for picnics, shows, information evenings, sports tournaments and regular events run by our parents’ association, FREDs (Friends of St Edward’s).

Discover how our thriving Little Griffins class will help your child make the best possible start to their education. Book a personal tour of our lovely Nursery or contact our Registrar, Kate McKenna: