PlanetOn Monday 25th January, St. Edward’s boys were treated to a lesson inside a huge inflatable mobile Planetarium in the hall.  The boys learned about a range of topics from how the International Space Station was built, to why the moon appears as it does and what to look out for in the night sky at the moment.  Some groups even delved into examining the life cycles of stars and how black holes are created.  The boys especially loved Mr Bassett’s laser pen in which he could change to a bike or to an alien to illustrate various phenomena (or just for fun!).

Encourage your sons to take a look in the night sky on a clear night and see if you can recognise any of the constellations that we talked about.  In February you will quite often see the International Space station flying over the UK.  Mr Bassett said he would put a list of sighting times on his website: