Preparing for Their Education Adventure

Tips for a seamless transition to Reception

Starting school is a significant milestone for you and your child and we understand the mixture of excitement and apprehension this time brings. At St Edward’s Prep we are committed to laying the foundations for a lifetime of active learning, through our emphasis on discovery and enjoyment in everything our children do.

As you prepare for the first steps in your child’s education adventure, we are happy to share this short guide to help you prepare them for Reception, ensuring they are ready to shine in every aspect of school life.

Growing Independence

In the Early Years, developing independence is crucial and you can help in small ways at home that will make a big difference to your child’s school day. Encourage them to practice tasks such as packing their bag, putting on their coat and changing their clothes to build their confidence with looking after their own self-care needs. Give them clear directions and support but resist the temptation to do things for them!

Developing Communication and Language

Children should feel supported, valued and understood, both at school and at home. Developing strong communication and language skills will help them to build positive, trusting relationships and feel confident to get involved and try new things. At home you can ask them to share their opinions, ask them lots of questions and read familiar texts together to develop their language and literacy and encourage a love of reading. It is also a good time to talk through any worries or anxieties they might have about starting school – reassure them and see if they can draw or write about it.

The School Day

A typical day might start to look a bit different once your child starts Reception and there are ways you can help prepare them for the change. Talk them through the timetable each day so they know what to expect; whether they will be moving between classrooms, studying specific subjects or meeting a new teacher. At St Edward’s, children quickly become part of the whole-school community, getting to know subject-specialist staff as well as their class teacher, sharing House activities and celebrations with peers from Nursery all the way up to Year 6 and spending break and meal times with pupils up to Year 1.

Making the Transition

The change from Nursery to Reception can feel like a significant step and there are likely to be different expectations as the year progresses. For children starting at St Edward’s, they can be reassured that at first there won’t be much difference to Nursery, allowing them a chance to settle and feel secure in their new environment. Make sure to get involved in any opportunities for your child to meet their new classmates and teacher, such as transition mornings and community events – we hold a Step Up Morning and picnic event each Summer for all our current and new families from Nursery up to Year 2.

Let Them Shine

As parents, your role in helping your child develop the skills they need to be happy and excel in our rapidly changing world is invaluable. By encouraging their independence and curiosity, and supporting their transition into Reception, together we can lay the foundations for a lifetime of discovery, excellence and enjoyment.

For any questions about our curriculum, the opportunities available or how we can support you and your child on this next step in their education, please don’t hesitate to get in touch –

If you would like to visit us, you can book a personal tour or come to our Open Day on Friday 3 May where we would be delighted to welcome you.