Another memorable day in Little Griffins Nursery

Each day at our Little Griffins Nursery brings something new and exciting for our children and as they arrive they place their coats and bags on to their named pegs and remember to pop their water bottle at the water station ready to access them whenever they need to.

Then it’s time for Registration and Morning Circle Time. The children love to self register finding their name and hanging it on our special tree. Then Mrs Turner calls the register and ‘good morning Mrs Turner’ the children politely reply. ‘What’s on the timetable for today’ is displayed visually below the whiteboard for all the children to see and then it’s time to work out what day of the week it is using our ‘days of the week’ song. Finally, the children are encouraged to share any news with their teachers and friends.

The classroom is set up ready for the morning’s continuous provision and to enhance the children’s learning and development based on their current interests. The children are encouraged to choose what activity they would like to do whether it be designing a colourful peg board to help their fine motor skills, do some cooking in the kitchen, draw an Autumn scene, or pin the correct number of pegs on the numbered autumn leaf. Both the indoor and outdoor classrooms are set up for play and teachers work closely to support and encourage their learning.

Music & Drama in the music room with our specialist teacher is next where the children have a fun sing along, get out the musical instruments or practice some of their lines for the upcoming nativity.

Next the children head outside for their PE lesson getting to grips with movement and hand eye co-ordination.

It’s time for a well earned snack after all those busy and fun activities and the children love spending time with their friends running around in the fresh air and playing on the fort.

Milk and quiet time is the order of the day and the children sit quietly whilst Mrs Turner reads them one of their favourite stories. This is followed by small group time which may consist of Phase 1 Phonics such as listening skills and tuning in to sounds, or early Maths such as number songs and simple counting.  At this time, the Nursery Teaching Assistant is also on hand to help with smaller groups.  Indoor and outdoor provision is again available after small group time. 

12pm is lunchtime and the children line up beautifully ready to head down to the hall to find out what delicious food has been prepared for them by our dedicated in-house Chef.  The children are encouraged to help themselves to the salad bar and desserts.  Some children will then go home at 1pm whilst the children staying for the afternoon will head outside to play together.  

After an exciting morning the children relax and take some time to listen to a guided meditation with the Nursery teacher giving their bodies and minds some much needed down time before beginning the afternoon’s fun activities. 

The afternoon has continuous provision and more fun and focused tasks on offer and then our Nursery children have another outdoor play session with a healthy snack. 

The children are brilliant at helping ensure the classroom is tidy and ready for the next day before finishing with an end of day story and then it’s coats on and bags collected ready to meet parents at the gate.

Children also join a singing assembly on Tuesday afternoons and Celebration Assembly on a Friday morning. An eagerly awaited highlight is the trips on the school mini buses each half term to Pangbourne College woods along with Reception. On top of this there are exciting house events including Cross Country, planned educational visits such as ‘Walk with Hawks’, Sports Day and much more, ensuring it is never a dull day here at St Edward’s Prep!