Cricket Match Report – Wed 26th May

St Edward’s Prep vs. St Mary’s (Home)

Colts A:

St Edward’s Prep 130

St Mary’s 91

The Colts A won by 39 runs. St Edward’s Prep batted very well scoring plenty of boundaries. Darsh finished on 24 but Atharva was outstanding scoring 36 runs. We fielded better this week and managed to bowl St Mary’s out.

Man of the Match went to Atharva.

Colts B:

The Colts B team won by 30 runs. Dylan batted very well as did Daniel. Mikail and Mantra bowled well which kept the visitors score down. All boys showed excellent respect for the game.

Man of the Match went to Dylan.

Colts C:

Miss Ellwood had the pleasure of taking the Colts C game and said she really enjoyed the afternoon leading them to a 5 run victory. Jacob and Iefan stood out in this game playing very well and with great enthusiasm. All the boys behaved brilliantly and represented the school in a great light.

Man of the Match went to Iefan.