Our Record Breaking Attempt

As this Thursday draws closer there is a feeling of growing excitement and anticipation amongst the children, staff, parent association and our community that we will be able to become the Guinness World Record holders for the longest sentence made out of plastic bottles. We hope to beat the current record of a sentence containing 2560 bottles captured in a shopping centre in Dubai.

After a mammoth team effort we have managed to collect and exceed 3250 bottles which we needed to form the sentence ‘There is only one Earth’. Our children have been out collecting the 500ml bottles with lids during every spare minute they have and many of our parents have said they hadn’t realised how much litter is just discarded by the roadside so it has been a great way of helping to clean up our streets and parks.

The World Record attempt has sat really well within this half term’s theme of ‘Our Planet’ which connects all year groups throughout the school, giving the children opportunities to use their learning to make a difference. It helps them apply what they have discovered and gives real meaning to their learning and that every individual can make a difference – even if you are only 5 years old.

Our World Record Attempt commences on Thursday afternoon at 1.30pm with everyone playing a vital role in creating the sentence on our school Astro pitch. There are very strict guidelines to adhere to so we are hugely thankful to our volunteers, expert counters and independent witnesses for helping us! We are also very pleased to have our Mayor of Reading in attendance, Councillor Rachel Eden during proceedings.

Following our world record attempt we will also have an opportunity to bring our families together so they too can come and be part of our very exciting record beating attempt and to socialise with other families for the first time in almost 2 years.

Good luck to everyone on Thursday! We can do this!