dsc_4055Our annual school Harvest Festival was held in the hall on Friday 30th September.  Our St Edward’s families, as always, were incredibly generous with donations of non-perishable foods which have now been delivered to the local charity Readifood.  The donations will be included in food parcels to help the less fortunate within our community.

This year’s Harvest commenced with some of the boys designing a three course menu. Much to the disgust of the rest of the school it included a starter of pickled ducks feet mixed with pineapple, a main course of cornflakes and fried jellyfish and a pudding of squashed bats with chocolate cake!

We learnt that while we human beings might not fancy all of the food, everything on the menu is eaten by something else in the world. For example Lions eat antelope and anteaters eat ants.

We also discovered another amazing fact about food; that despite millions of people in the world going hungry there is enough food to feed everybody. This is because food is not shared fairly between everyone and that we need to share what we have more equally. By having a harvest festival we are able to make a small difference and share our food with others who are less fortunate

Year 1 then explained what Harvest meant to them:

H stands for our HOMES.

A stands for ALL

R stands for RECREATION

V stands for VEGETABLES

E stands for EDUCATION

S stands for SHARE

T stands for THANKS

The boys performed brilliantly in front of the school and a large number of parents; they spoke confidently, clearly and loudly enough even for those standing at the back to hear! Well done boys.

The festival ended with the ever popular Harvest Festival song accompanied by Year 1 playing their recently crafted seed shakers.

Many thanks to all of the parents who attended the assembly and to everyone who very kindly donated towards our harvest collection; it will be gratefully received.

Miriam Swift