Healthy Eating Week

smoothie bike 025We began the week with an assembly to the whole school where I introduced the ‘five challenges’ and the activities we would be running in school

Challenge 1:  Have Breakfast.

Over the course of the week pupils sent in fantastic photos of themselves eating a healthy breakfast, or two!

Challenge 2:   Have 5 A Day

During Step Up morning the boys had the opportunity to make their own healthy snacks: mixed fruit kebabs.

We ran an amazing fast tempo and very informative Healthy Eating Workshop.  It included 25 hands on, games-based interactive stands that brought to life the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices.  Topics included: a balanced diet; healthy teeth; water; sleep; 5-a-day; exercise; nutritional value; where food comes from and junk food.

‘I liked making fruit kebabs because of the mix of fruits’ – Joseph

‘I loved the A Life healthy eating workshops, the drunk goggles were weird’ – Maulik

Challenge 3: Drink Plenty

At lunchtime on Wednesday we set up a Water Bar of different flavoured waters for the boys to try including strawberry and mint and citrus.

This was trumped by the universally loved ‘Smoothie Bike’.  All of the boys had a go at making their own fruit smoothies.  It was hard work but healthy as both a fitness activity and a drink.  Delicious too!

‘The best smoothie I have ever tasted!’ – Yadveer

‘I loved the smoothie bike because it got you peddling and exercising to make a smoothie’ – Maxwell

Challenge 4: Get Active

The boys were fortunate enough to take part in a fitness circuit run by A-Life Ltd.

For Pre-Prep the session involved acting out a very strenuous jungle trials story where the boys raced through the jungle spotting animals and even flew helicopters.

For Prep the session involved challenges in strength, jumping, balance, fitness, flexibility and co-ordination.  It also included circuits in boxing, hockey, football and gym.

‘Fitness circuits were great; my favourite activity was the strength bands’ – Ollie I

‘I really liked learning about all the sports you can do for exercise’ – Daniel

Challenge 5: Try Something New

Each day at lunch the boys had the opportunity to try something new.  This has been an ongoing initiative introducing pupils to new foods through the alphabet.  In addition to this on Friday we set up a Taste Table where the boys could specifically try a variety of ‘super foods’.

Many of the activities earlier in the week including Healthy Eating Workshop, Water Bar, Smoothie Bike and Fitness Circuits also provided opportunity to try something new.

‘I tried something new; pineapple’ – Isaac K

‘I loved tasting new food’ – Isaac P

The week was rounded off with a Healthy Eating assembly performed by Pre-Prep informing the school about the benefits of eating a balanced diet.  It culminated in the upbeat rock ‘n’ roll style song ‘Food Groups are Rockin’ Tonight’. A fitting way to round off a fantastic week.

Miriam Swift