Music to my ears!

Music to my ears bigYesterday, the St Edward’s Year 7 and 8 group were spotted arriving at the Odeon Cinema to watch the outstanding film ‘Ten Pieces Secondary’. This was a film created by the BBC music department to inform youth about how important and influential music can be in our lives. It also showed how music is composed.

The boys were struck by how important classical music has been to the world and the role it has played throughout history. In particular, many of the boys were amazed at how one small thought, for example, the idea of a wave at sea, can bring about the orchestration of a calm sound to a sound that evokes the idea of a tempest.

The story of Shostakovich had an enormous impact on many of the boys who were astounded by his dedication towards his passion for composing, despite being threatened by the political dictation of Stalin at the time.

For some the loud, seemingly chaotic music was not to their taste. The gentle sounds of ‘The Lark Ascending’ by Vaughan Williams was more to their liking – a feeling of being within the peace, or transported to a different more gentle world of their own.

The boys agreed that whilst classical music is not always something they have appreciated, the experience of ‘Ten Pieces Secondary’ influenced their willingness to listen and hear what classical music has to offer and can bring to their lives.​