‘Row, row, row!’ chanted the Vikings


Through songs, rhyme, quiz shows and plenty of humour, boys in Year 4 entertained St Edward’s Prep with their interactive Viking assembly on Friday 10th June.

‘Row, row, row!” chanted the Vikings as they made their way to England from Scandinavia. The pupils in Mr Fearn’s History lesson have been transported to Anglo-Saxon times and instead of learning about the Viking invasion in class, have met a group of Vikings travelling on a longboat to Lindisfarne singing, “Do you hear the Vikings sing, singing their songs of gods and war?” At first the Vikings seem hostile and scary, wearing helmets with horns on and threatening to take over the world. But as the pupils get to know them, they realise that this group of Vikings were actually people with normal jobs like farmers or carpenters. They also find out about the Viking gods and their beliefs, through a quick game of ‘Family Fortunes’ with the Gods family.