Year 1 enjoy an edible Rainforest Tour

Year 1 Rainforest 036On 21st June Year 1 were fortunate enough to visit the Living Rainforest near Newbury.  Without leaving the country we were able to explore the rainforest and discover its wonders for ourselves. The Living Rainforest is home to 700 species of plants and animals.  In its tropical glasshouses we enjoyed looking out for free roaming lizards, birds and butterflies never knowing where they would appear next! Plus monkeys, a sloth, an armadillo, toucans, and more.

We also benefitted from an hour long ‘Edible Rainforest’ tour, with an exceptional guide, who was full of child friendly facts.  The boys learnt that all living things need food to survive, how plants make their food and about the diets of rainforest animals, including examples of herbivores, omnivores and carnivores and how they obtain their food.  Year 1 Rainforest 050The boys discovered the different levels within a food chain and learnt that some of the foods we eat originate in the rainforest.  These included foods they might find on the supermarket shelves in the UK as well as the diet of indigenous people including bananas, coffee, cocoa, ginger, vanilla and plants that give us life-enhancing medicines, cosmetics and building materials.

We felt fully immersed in the Rainforest Experience and were particularly enthralled by the sloth, lizards and birds who roam free.

M. Swift