For our Pre-Prep children in Reception, Years 1 and 2, our focus is on tapping into their natural energy and curiosity that 4-6 year olds have.

Moving from EYFS to Pre-Prep we start to focus on the skills needed to become independent learners within a curriculum that is relevant, engaging and develops a rich social, cultural and global understanding.

Children learn best when they are happy and interested, so education in Pre-Prep is fun, exciting and filled with interesting opportunities.

Laying foundations for lifelong learning

As the children progress through the school, we focus increasingly on academic skills, in Maths, English, Science and Technology. Small class sizes ensure that teachers can approach each pupil’s learning individually, supporting or stretching it according to their particular strengths.

Introduced to new and challenging experiences, the children grow in confidence and independence. 

Our curriculum framework, through which the Humanities and Art are taught, is designed to inspire, engage and challenge our children to develop understanding, passion and interests.

It provides opportunities to work collaboratively or independently towards meaningful actions and allows us to focus on providing pupils with the opportunities to use learning skills that are relevant to all areas of the curriculum.

Nurturing Character and Attitude 

During these important years our children are carefully nurtured to develop the character and attitude that will help them succeed throughout their time in education and beyond. Our caring and supportive family environment is the perfect place for our pupils to learn to take risks, develop resilience and build confidence. 

Young children are full of energy. We capitalise on this through outdoor learning, Woodland Experiences, Co-operative Games and Funtime. The children also enjoy a varied PE programme run by specialist sports teachers.

""The moment I stepped through the front door I felt the school’s family atmosphere and knew my son would be well cared for and enjoy his first step into formal education."

"What an incredible team. From the first visit, making a fun creation to take home, to the warm welcome in September, the start to school life could not have been better."" Parent