How we learn in Pre-Prep

Learning in Pre-Prep is all about giving pupils an appetite to find out more. There is lots of fun along the way, because happy children learn better and although the pupils may not realise it, they are absorbing information, skills and techniques all the time. Bit by bit, they start to build the language they need to express the concepts they are learning, and learn about questioning, challenging and proving ideas.

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Year 1

In Year 1, we have lots of fun learning. In Literacy, children begin to read and write independently and with enthusiasm. We delve into fairy tales, explore poetry and inspect the features of non-fiction books. The children work in small groups and as a class, join in discussions and make relevant contributions. The children build confidence by voicing their opinions, sharing their ideas and listening to others.

The main focus in Maths is to ensure that children develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers and start using the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Children have a hands-on approach and use practical resources when learning about shapes, measurement, time and money. Science, Geography, Art and other subjects are all interwoven as part of our Theme of Investigation.

Year 2

The transition from Year 1 to Year 2 is very smooth, as the children are already familiar with other teachers in the Pre-Prep. We will have collaborated on some projects so that the children know exactly what to expect on moving classrooms. We now work towards further independence as the pupils turn 7.

A typical day in Year 2 will always begin with a teacher/pupil self-chosen reading session and independent work for the class. This will usually be consolidation of Maths or English already taught. We will then move on to English, which is taught in a fun, engaging manner with books to study and engage with in reading, writing, spelling and grammar.

Maths is a mixture of practical activities and learning of mathematical rules like times tables. We learn as individuals, in pairs or in teams in order to remain challenged and engaged. Our Themes of Investigation are school – agreed as to theme, but the children in each class can discuss any project they would like to research The trans disciplinary skills of Science, Geography, History, STEM and Art are all included in this teaching area.

The pupils in school benefit from specialist teachers for Performing Arts, PE, Swimming, Computer Science and Global Citizenship, creating a well-rounded curriculum. We are also lucky enough to access Pangbourne Woods, where we offer a range of activities to enhance classroom learning. The children engage with bug hunting, creating journey sticks, orienteering, making art from natural objects and playing games.

For more information on how the school provides for children with English as an additional language, please see our Special Educational Needs and Learning Disabilities Policy below;

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy