Maths in Pre-Prep


At St Edward’s, we know that maths is much more than an academic subject. What our boys learn in these lessons will equip them with vital intellectual and practical skills they will use throughout their lives. From the very youngest pupils in the school up to those leaving us in Year 6, we aim to provide a variety of experiences to encourage boys to reach their full mathematical potential.

In Pre-Prep, we start to help boys develop confidence in mathematics. They will discover that maths runs through all parts of life, from sharing a cake between friends, to building a house to paying for the week’s groceries. In these early years, they begin to develop competency with numbers and measures, and to learn mathematical vocabulary. Direct, hands-on experience is vital in teaching boys, and lessons are dynamic and engaging. Bit by bit, they build skills and confidence, providing a firm base on which to build in the Prep department.