Life in Pre-Prep

Welcome to St Edward’s Pre-Prep. Here, our focus is on capturing the imagination and enthusiasm of the children in our care, tapping into their natural energy and curiosity and helping them to become independent learners within a curriculum that is relevant, engaging and boy-friendly. Children learn best when they are happy and interested, so education in Pre-Prep is shot through with lots of fun.

Laying foundations for lifelong learning

Reception is where the foundations for all future learning are laid, and our pupils begin to explore and understand the world through structured and child-initiated activities. As the children progress through the school, we focus increasingly on academic skills, benefiting from specialist teachers in maths, English, science, technology and foreign languages. Small class sizes ensure that teachers can approach each boy’s learning individually, supporting or stretching him according to his particular strengths. Introduced to new and challenging experiences, the children grow in confidence and independence.

Building confidence

As well as the core academic subjects, which you can read about by clicking on the menu to the left, there is a strong emphasis on the creative arts, which helps enormously in building self-confidence. We have specialist teaching in Drama and music and offer LAMDA (Speech and Drama), Judo and Street Feet dancing. Children can also choose to take lessons in the violin, guitar, drums and piano.

Playing to their strengths

Young children are bursting with energy. We capitalise on this through Music and Movement, outdoor learning, Woodland Experiences, Co-operative Games and Funtime. The children also enjoy a varied PE programme run by specialist sports teachers, which includes rugby, football, gymnastics, swimming and cricket.

Focusing on values

Alongside all they learn in the classroom and on the sports field, we place a strong focus on the children’s moral, social and cultural development, and our school rules reflect the importance we place on respect.

Ready for Prep

When pupils leave the Pre-prep, we want them to be confident and independent learners who are ready to embrace the challenges of the next stage of their education in the Prep School. We make the transition as smooth as possible with regular visits and opportunities to meet new teachers and experience new routines.

""The moment I stepped through the front door I felt the school’s family atmosphere and knew my son would be well cared for and enjoy his first step into formal education."

"What an incredible team. From the first visit, making a fun creation to take home, to the warm welcome in September, the start to school life could not have been better."" Parent