Life in Early Years

Our two Early Years classes at St Edward’s Prep offer a nurturing and stimulating introduction to school. The curriculum encourages independence and curiosity and starts children off on the right road to lifelong learning.

In both Little Griffins Pre-Reception and in Reception morning sessions take a more structured approach to early learning, including phonics, sharing books, and developing early writing and number skills.

When children show interest in trying to read and write and are confident with counting, discrete Phonics and Maths sessions begin daily in small groups with a focus on communication and developing practical skills. Because of the small group and individualised learning most children meet and generally exceed the Early Learning Goals at the end of Reception.

Afternoons are geared towards play-based learning with lots of social interaction. Some afternoons are free-flow between the two classes, exploring and learning through play, both inside and out. The children love to be outside where we have lots of fun activities for them to choose, like gardening, creating special meals in the Mud Kitchen or letting their imaginations run free with the large construction blocks. Of course, there is plenty of time to run around and let off steam.

Our busy Early Years curriculum includes specialist lessons in Music and Movement, PE and Drama and the pupils benefit from St Edward’s extensive school resources indoors and out.

Combined with our Holiday Club, the Early Years classes provide year-long wrap around care.