ICT in Prep

Technology is key to every part of our curriculum as it runs through every part of today’s life.

In Prep Computer Science, pupils take part in projects and create exciting cross curricular outcomes that use higher level computing skills. This project based approach to Computing, from our specialist subject teacher, sets us apart from other schools. From creating websites using the HTML language to programming and creating Computer games, from 3D design and printing to robotics, the curriculum is designed to inspire and challenge boys. At the heart of each project is enjoyment and the boys love learning how to make their ideas come to life through the use of technology. Projects are designed carefully to enable all levels to achieve and to cover the computing aspect of the curriculum as well the basic office, graphic and research skills. We equip St Edward’s pupils excellently for their futures by combining coding, logic, problem solving and experimenting skills; creative, artistic and design skills; functional office and system skills; and cross curricular projects.