Hannah Stewart

Miss Stewart is with Year 4 celebrating and understanding aspects of Global Citizenship. Today focuses on identity and the children understanding and appreciating each other’s difference. The children celebrate British, Indian, Kenyan, Romanian and Danish backgrounds. Various statements designed to trigger opinion and valuing others’ thoughts were shared. ‘Children should not have phones before they are 18’, certainly triggered the most lively debate, but ‘Should weekends be three days long?’, ‘Should we wear our own clothes to school?’, ‘Should children be allowed to drive’, provoked some powerful response too.

There could be no one better qualified to lead these conversations than Miss Hannah Stewart, our new Year 3 teacher, who has responsibility also for coordinating Modern Foreign Languages and Global Citizenship. Miss Stewart has travelled extensively and indeed her motivation to become the experienced teacher she is, came when she was working in Mexico, teaching Spanish and English. Here she understood about the importance of children learning their value and finding self-esteem. In this environment, it was particularly girls who were at risk and Miss Stewart would like to see St Edward’s children grow up respecting different cultures and becoming responsible citizens, curious about the world and the people in it, with a desire to travel and explore it. She certainly plans to bring the world to them in the classroom and has some very exciting and interesting lessons planned.

Miss Stewart herself is energetic and vivacious; she loves life and people and it is her great pleasure to learn and experience new things. She seeks to inspire by being who she is and looks forward to seeing the children go on and do amazing things. The fact that she speaks French and Spanish, studied Chinese, and can read and translate Hebrew and Greek, is certainly a linguistic way to inspire. When she travelled to China, Miss Stewart even taught the locals Scottish ceilidh dancing! Earlier this year she studied in Hawaii at the University of Nations, then worked with Palestinian women teaching them English and in Berlin with refugees. Miss Stewart will certainly build community understanding as well as linguistic competence.