Helen Lewis – Year 3 teacher

It’s tutor time in Year Three and the register has been taken. A polite ‘good morning’ from everyone and a ready response to attentive questions, plus the occasional humorous comment. Everyone is present and correct and the children have finished their reading. It’s always wonderful to see their level of concentration and Miss Lewis has had time to go round and check planning details with certain boys and praise their organisation and tidiness. It has been a very focused start to the morning and it is clear that we are ready for the day. So now it is time to practise their song for assembly and arrange the tables into groups as the children have got so good at working quietly and effectively in groups. The boys are excited about this and discuss ways of configuring the room for the best-fit. It’s a happy and busy tutor time and a useful and collaborative start to the day.

Helen loves Year 3 and finds them fun and quirky. They really love learning and can find humour in the most extraordinary things. It is infectious when they start to giggle and they are all just giggling for what seems to be very little reason at all!

Helen has had many roles over her years of teaching including leading Maths, Science, Humanities, Gifted and Talented and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. She currently leads these latter two at St Edward’s. Helen is a highly experienced teacher and has much to bring to the classroom. She appreciates the importance of being listened to and caring for those in her care and values the fact that this happens for her as a teacher at St Edward’s too. At various times Helen has been a Teacher Governor and represents the staff on the PTA – she clearly wants to make a difference. She loves her Maths and Physics and describes Einstein as her first love and her inspiration. Helen loves the children to get stuck into their learning and find out things for themselves – it does not matter how messy the activity is if there is a purpose, lots of talking, discussion and motivation. One of her favourite stories is an English lesson when she told a child to put a dot on his ‘i’s and he look her literally and put dots on his eyes! She has a great sense of fun and humour and takes great pleasure in the fact that her favourite holiday destination is the Isle of Lewis. She describes the pure rugged beauty of this Outer Hebrides isle, the history, the wilderness, the windy, wet weather and the lack of people that makes it the perfect and most heavenly escape imaginable after a busy and successful St Edward’s term!