Liz Arnold


Year 1 boys are busy deciding where they might live in the future.  They are comparing and contrasting different types of homes, labelling the parts and looking at the materials used for the buildings, windows and doors. The lesson is carefully set up with three levels of challenge, to extend the most able and give extra support to those who need it. Everyone is busy, with so many choices to make and so many jobs to do. Encouragement and guiding questions from their teacher Liz Arnold pushes them to achieve a little bit more. There is constant reinforcement of new language, and humour and laughter too, as one or two confusions occur. But everyone leaves this lesson with a much better grasp of the role of the landlord, and with a greater command of the English language.

Having taught for nearly 20 years in Greater London, Liz relishes the opportunity to teach so effectively to such a small group, and in a small school where the family atmosphere and friendly, happy environment allow the children and staff to thrive. Liz is good at relationships, experienced in early years and child development, and she loves to give each child the attention they need and see them develop. ‘Young children have an active imagination and a thirst for learning and it is great to be part of their development’, she affirms.

Family life is really important to Liz. Sharing a very special relationship with her twin, she waxes lyrical about their huskies and her love of dogs in general. Trips home to Devon to see her extended family and enjoy beautiful walks and a cream tea are a particular treat! In fact on one of those trips back from Devon she met her husband of one year.

Liz’s parents taught her to be independent and have a lifelong willingness to learn and try new things, lessons she delights in passing onto today’s generation. She is a former member of the Air Training Corps so has a good head for heights! Liz has used Makaton sign language from her time teaching children with Autism, and those with speech and language difficulties.