Tara Blackburn

Do you know your four major organs? Heart, lungs, brain and liver of course! Mrs Blackburn is encouraging Year 1 to write the correct word beneath the relevant picture of the organ. This is not as simple as it seems, but Mrs Blackburn and Miss Booker are there to help and remind them that only last week, Fantastic Mr Fox was eating doughnuts filled with duck liver and animals have a liver too. A great discussion ensued as to why we have a liver.  

Mrs Blackburn has worked all over the world including Sydney and Singapore and is passionate about the importance of an effective curriculum. Her experience of a cross-curricular programme and celebration of the importance of the enquiry based curriculum make her the ideal coordinator for STEAM programmes in the Pre-Prep. Mrs Blackburn prides herself on winning the children’s interest and motivation through knowing every child really well in order to challenge and support them appropriately. The fact that she is so experienced with different curricula and a range of different specialist knowledge allows her to pinpoint the best strategies and content to suit the individual. 

Mrs Blackburn went to stage school and has a passion for theatre and dance as well as the capacity to speak German and Spanish. With greetings in different languages, and dance alongside many curriculum activities, Year 1 is in for an educational treat.