Sporting fixtures


tue08jan2:00 pmyear 2 games session at SUcc

wed09jan11:27 am11:27 amu10 vs St Andrew's (h)

wed09jan2:30 pmu11a and b vs st andrew's (a)

fri11jan2:30 pmu9a & b vs Bishopsgate (h)

fri11jan2:30 pmu8a & b vs Bishopsgate (a)

wed16jan2:30 pmu11a & b vs brockhurst (h)

wed16jan2:30 pmu10 vs brockhurst (a)

fri18jan2:30 pmu9a & b vs st neot's (a)

fri18jan2:30 pmu8a, b & c vs st neot's (h)

wed23jan2:30 pmu10 vs holme grange (h)

wed23jan2:30 pmu11a & b vs holme grange (a)

fri25jan2:30 pmu9a & b vs holme grange (a)

fri25jan2:30 pmu8a, b & c vs holme grange (h)

mon28jan2:00 pmColts A vs Christ the King (h)

wed30jan2:30 pmu10 vs lvs (A)

wed30jan2:30 pmu11a & b vs lvs (h)


fri01feb2:30 pmu9a & b vs brockhurst & st andrew's (h)

fri01feb2:30 pmu8a & b vs brockhurst & St andrew's (a) held at brockhurst

wed06feb2:30 pmu11a & b vs thorngrove (h)

wed06feb2:30 pmu10a vs thorngrove (a)

fri08feb2:30 pmu9a vs reddam (h)

fri08feb2:30 pmu8a & b vs reddam (A)

wed13feb2:30 pmu11a & b & u10a vs dolphin (h)

fri15feb2:30 amu9a & b vs papplewick (a)

fri15feb2:30 pmu8a,b & c vs papplewick (h)


fri01mar2:30 pmu8a & b vs dolphin (h)

fri01mar2:30 pmu9a & b vs dolphin (a)

wed06mar2:30 pmu11a & u10a vs st george's (a)

thu07mar1:45 pmcross country run at the oratory school (3.30pm finish, 6 runners)

fri08mar2:30 pmu9a & b vs st george's (h)

fri08mar2:30 pmu8a & b vs st george's (a)

wed13mar2:30 pmu11a & b vs daneshill (h)

wed13mar2:30 pmu10 vs daneshill (a)

fri15mar2:30 pmu9a & b vs daneshill (h)

fri15mar2:30 pmu8a & b vs daneshill (a)

wed20mar2:30 pmu11a & u10a vs st mary's (h)

thu21mar2:30 pmyears 3 & 4 rugby training - succ

fri22mar2:30 pmu8a & u9a vs st mary's (h)