Sporting fixtures


wed05feb2:30 pm4:00 pmu10a & b vs thorngrove (h) tri with brockhurst

wed05feb2:30 pm5:00 pmu11a vs thorngrove (a) tri with brockhurst

fri07feb2:30 pm4:00 pmu9a, b & c vs reddam house (h)

fri07feb2:30 pm5:00 pmu8a & b vs reddam house (a)

wed12feb2:30 pm4:00 pmu11a/b & u10a/b vs dolphin school (h)

fri14feb2:30 pm4:00 pmu8a & b vs st mary's (h)

fri14feb2:30 pm4:00 pmu9a & b vs st mary's (h)

wed26feb2:30 pm4:00 pmu10a & b vs reddam house (h)

wed26feb2:30 pm5:00 pmu11a vs reddam house (a)

fri28feb2:30 pm4:00 pmu8a & b vs dolphin school (h)

fri28feb2:30 pm5:00 pmu9a & b vs dolphin school (a)

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wed04mar2:15 pm4:30 pmu11a & u10a vs dolphin (a)

fri06mar2:15 pm4:00 pmu9a & b vs st george's (h)

fri06mar2:15 pm4:30 pmu8a & b vs st george's (a)

wed11mar2:15 pm4:30 pmu11a vs daneshill (a)

wed11mar2:15 pm4:00 pmu10a & b vs daneshill (h)

fri13mar2:15 pm4:00 pmu9a & b vs daneshill (h)

fri13mar2:15 pm4:30 pmu8a & b vs daneshill (a)

wed18mar2:15 pm4:30 pmu10a vs st mary's (A)

fri20mar2:00 pm4:00 pmu8a & B vs reddam house (a)

wed25mar2:15 pm4:30 pmu11a & u10a vs reddam house (h)

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wed22apr2:15 pm4:00 pmcricket fixture: Colts A & B vs Holme Grange (U11B & U10B) Home

fri24apr2:15 pm4:00 pmcricket fixture: u9a & b vs lvs (home)

fri24apr2:15 pm4:45 pmCricket Fixture: U8A & B vs LVS (Away)

wed29apr2:15 pm4:00 pmCricket Fixture: Colts A & B vs Reddam (Home)

wed29apr2:15 pm5:30 pmCricket Fixture: Colts C vs Reddam (Away)

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fri01may2:15 pm4:45 pmCircket Fixture: U8B & U9B vs Holme Grange (away)

fri15may2:15 pm4:00 pmCricket fixture: U8A & B vs St Andrews (Home)

wed20may2:15 pm4:00 pmCricket Fixture: Colts B & C (6-a-side) vs LVS (Home)

wed20may2:15 pm5:30 pmCricket Fixture: Colts A vs LVS (Away

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