School Bus Service


St Edward’s Prep is delighted to inform you that we run a door-to-door affordable bus service for our pupils.

If you live within our pre-determined perimeter, you can avoid the busy Reading rush-hour traffic altogether by availing of our school transport. We have a reliable, professional team who drive our distinctive St Edward’s Prep minibuses. Parents can opt to have their sons picked up from the home address in the mornings and/or dropped to the home or work address in the evenings either on a 4.15pm or 5.50pm service. It times of emergency, parents are also able to ring the school office and book their son onto a bus on an ad hoc basis.

We are currently running a bus service to the following areas:








Basingstoke Road

Spencers Wood

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Mrs Alison Russell in the school office on 0118 957 4342 or by email

Mrs Alison Russell will be able to advise you on timings and prices.