Who will she meet in Nursery today?

At Little Griffins Nursery, your little one might make friends with Talkative Toad over a cheerful tea party, work with Busy Bee to build a play fort, or make new discoveries in the school garden with Curious Cat.

We know your child’s early years are an exciting, happy and fulfilling time, building foundations for future learning. This is not just about making sure that they can hold a pencil or read a book; your child needs other fundamental skills to progress at school and develop as a happy, confident individual who shows resilience and a determination to succeed. We aim to inspire even our youngest pupils to become self-motivated and independent learners. 

Our Woodland Explorers programme is designed to introduce your child to an array of fun-filled animals who will open up a world of learning through exploration and purposeful play. Each character has an important part to play in the Early Years curriculum; Curious Cat will help us to make sense of the world while Wordy Weasel will help us to link sounds and letters as we learn to read together. 

The Woodland Explorers will help your child embark on lots of new and exciting adventures; encountering and learning more about each animal through poems, stories and games. We encourage parents to come and see our learning in action by booking a personal tour. You can do this by clicking the button below.