Pre Prep Assembly

On Friday morning, Pre Prep celebrated the end of a delayed Book week by presenting an assembly all about books and a love of reading to the rest of the school.
Year 1 introduced us to books old and new, and the idea that inside each book, a new and exciting world awaits.
Reception and Pre Reception took us into this world. They wondered where the story would take place – on a sheer mountainside, inside a castle, in a sweltering jungle or in deep snow? They thought about which characters could be there – Humans? Animals? Monsters? And what would happen. A battle? A shipwreck? Discovering a new species?

We then heard from Year 2 who shared extracts from some of their favourite books including The Gruffalo, Horrid Henry and The Man on the Moon. They went on to recite Magic Keys by Leah Gibbs Knobbe, a poem encapsulating the exciting places reading can take you.
The assembly ended with the fun and catchy ‘Library Song’, which is bound to stick in the heads of everyone who heard it!
We’re certain that the assembly inspired all the boys to pick up a book. Happy reading!

Mrs Swift.

Lots more pictures here.