Eagle House Maths Challenge

The annual Year 6 Maths Challenge at Eagle House School is always a big event: There were a total of 81 teams from 42 schools taking part.

The boys had to work in pairs to solve maths questions involving algebra, numeration, arithmetic, logic, strategy and word problems. Two hours of relay racing, number crunching, problem solving and brain boggling fun.

The team worked fantastically hard, demonstrating enthusiasm, determination and collaboration skills all afternoon. Even when they came across hurdles in their path, the boys did not give up and worked with 100% motivation and application.

As if this was not enough – when it came to the prize giving ceremony we discovered that our team had come 4th out of 81. An astonishing achievement – well done, boys! Their certificate and prizes will be presented on Friday during celebration assembly.

Perhaps even more exciting than Maths was the snow blizzard on the journey home; to quote: “A Maths challenge AND snow – it’s the best afternoon ever!”

Mrs Hunt