Early Years Cafe Project a fantastic success!

The Reception boys have been interested in restaurants and turned their role-play area into a café last week, complete with menus, signs and booking forms. So this week we decided to follow their lead and help them to bring their cafe to life!

On Tuesday, all the boys in Reception and Pre-Reception worked in 3 groups, under the guidance of a teacher each. First they had to decide what they should bake, come up with a group name and then write a shopping list for the teachers. Wednesday morning was full of measuring, weighing and mixing as they got down to their baking. Everyone remembered to wash their hands before starting, and also while cooking if they accidentally forgot and licked their fingers! (Who can blame them when there is chocolate and cake about?)

By Thursday morning, all our goods were ready to go on sale. Now we would find out which group made the best choice of food to make. Not too surprisingly, the chocolate granola was the most popular! The Reception boys helped work out the change that was needed if the boys didn’t have the correct money. The staff also got the chance to purchase and sample the food. Ms Lewis wrote to the boys giving her opinion of the food and suggestions for next time, which the boys took on board when filling out the evaluation form.

The ‘British Bakers’ might have made the most money, however the other groups didn’t have as many complaints about their food being too salty! The boys shared the left overs with the rest of the school, with the ‘First Bakers’ cakes being the first to be finished by the Prep boys during their break time.

The boys have had a fantastic week, collaborating and giving sensible feedback to one another, we might see some of the boys on ‘Bake off’ in the future!

Mrs James, Mrs B and Ms Munro