The Lind Smith Speech Competition

The Lind Smith Speech competition is a competition for the Prep boys. Boys prepare a speech on a topic of their choice. Preliminary rounds are held during English lessons and boys vote for the speech, in their class, that they would most like to hear again. This year the winners of the preliminary rounds were Matthew Perry, Billy Peters-Hoult, Max Hucker, Oliver Crew, Thomas Brice-Wernham, Anton Pappenberger and Nathan Green. Matthew Perry was the overall winner.


Congratulations to Matthew Perry the winner of our annual Lind Smith Speech competition. Matthew entertained and delighted with his wonderful speech about the origins of sayings. Since the early Anglo-Saxon ages English has developed into the modern language we speak today and Matthew certainly entertained us with words and sayings we have adopted from all over the world. Thanks to the Romans we certainly don’t want to get ‘the wrong end of the stick’. Pooey! Being ‘as fit as a fiddle’ had nothing to do with being energetic back in the day but rather fit for purpose. The adjudicators felt that Matthew’s engaging and interesting speech and his confident delivery made him a clear winner. Congratulations are due to the Billy Peters-Hoult, Oliver Crew, Max Hucker, Thomas Brice-Wernham, Anton Pappenberger and Nathan Green on their great speeches ranging from football, computer games, jokes, imagination and rats! We all enjoyed listening to them and certainly learnt a thing or too.

Congratulations to all the boys who took part. Having the ability to stand up and present a topic they have carefully researched is a good life skill that they will use again many times in their future careers!