Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Yesterday Year 2 went on a trip to Southsea as an introduction to their humanities Seaside topic. Physical and human features of a seaside were considered and identified as we strolled along the front. Wrapped up snugly against the chilly sea breeze, the boys particularly enjoyed playing on the beach collecting special rocks and stones, chasing the tide and skimming stones.

A highlight of Southsea is seeing the boats and ferries but the hovercraft certainly takes center stage. We were able to get extremely close as it entered and exited the beach, so close in fact that we had to turn our backs in order to shield our eyes from the spray!

Carefully counting in twos, we worked out how many two pence pieces we’d get for our money before we played on the 2p machines in the arcade during the afternoon. We rounded off a fantastic day with ice-creams in the sunshine.

A trip to remember and agreement all round that the Seaside is a fun topic to study.
Mrs Swift.