Year 1 trip to The Living Rainforest

On Tuesday 15th May Year 1 went on a voyage of discovery to The Living Rainforest in Newbury. It was a beautiful hot and sunny day and the children were excited to explore their surroundings. We received an excellent guided tour about “The Edible Rainforest”, where we learnt facts such as one cocoa tree can make four chocolate bars in a year and that it takes one hundred years for a Brazil nut tree to grow! Our guide Kate expertly answered questions about the exotic plants and the animals that we encountered.

The children loved the new Small Island House where beautiful butterflies flew all around us. We also got to see a tarantula called Godzilla, pythons and cockroaches! We had to watch where we walked as Lizards and birds live on the floor level.

Some of the highlights of the day were getting an excellent view of the elusive sloth and the armadillo emerging from his tunnel in the afternoon. The boys also enjoyed watching the pygmy marmoset grooming each other.

We returned to school hot and tired but full of enthusiasm for our next class topic: The Rainforest.

Mrs Arnold.