Announcing our new Head Boy

We have just announced our new Head Boy for this term, someone who exemplifies the St Edward’s Prep key Pupil Characteristics and Attitudes to Learning in all he does at school.

The rapturous applause following his announcement was a truly proud moment for him and his family.

He has recently spent some time putting together an arrangement of photographs of his relatives, and was delighted to find an old newspaper cutting of Mr. Cyril Peach his great, great, grand Uncle who was the founder of the school he now attends and is Head Boy of – our very own St Edward’s Prep!

In December 1972, after the Headmaster’s study had caught fire, the wonderful boys of St Edward’s Prep bought their Headmaster a new and very smart chair for his study. We are delighted to be able to say that the same spirit of generosity and care can be found amongst all our pupils today, some 49 years later! And, should Mr. Parsons’ office ever need a new chair, I am sure our boys would rally, and he would be sitting pretty in no time!