21st Century Learning

“When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.” RJ Palacio

In order for our boys to be prepared and ready for a more complex life and work environment a 21st century classroom must promote creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Whilst developing, implementing and communicating ideas that are both original and inventive, along with being able to analyse and synthesise information to solve problems and answer questions, as well as articulate thoughts and effectively share responsibility for collaborative work is not something new to the 21st century, these are, however, critical skills needed to succeed in a 21st century marketplace. The Year 6’s are busy studying the book ‘Wonder’ and, as part of their work, they have been looking at precepts. They have worked together looking at the meanings of precepts and have created and collaborated on developing a precept that would be good to live by. They have discussed and analysed why Mr Browne (Auggie Pullman’s teacher in the book ‘Wonder’) chose ‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.’ (Aesop) as the first precept of the year and have identified what types of things they can do to be kind to others at school. Following on from their ideas, they have decided to start a movement – a ‘Be Brave’ Movement! They have looked at what it means to be brave enough to be the leader or the 1st follower of something good, and what it means to be brave enough to do the right thing, even if everyone else is going the other way; why we need to be brave enough to stand up for someone else; how you can be brave enough to be a good example to your peers and classmates and why it is important to be brave enough to show others how one person can make a difference. Ultimately, to be brave enough to be a little kinder than is necessary and making the world a better place!

Mrs Andrew