Global Citizenship starting at the grass roots level

Who Are We?


As global citizens, our pupils are learning and developing a sense of their place in the world through globally minded and relevant lessons. Our Headmaster Mr Derek Suttie teaches Global Citizenship starting at the grass roots level with our youngest pupils. His global teaching experience certainly helps. He has taught in many schools across the world, South Africa, Brazil, U.K. & Italy and brings his wealth of many life lessons to each class.

Modern Foreign Languages

In conjunction with this, pupils have Global Citizenship lessons dedicated to teaching the Modern Foreign Languages in which they gain a cultural and democratic understanding that contributes to building a better world. We want them to think globally and act locally, embracing, valuing, respecting and celebrating difference.

Community, Democracy and Inclusion: Our school is at the very centre of our community and plays an important part in fostering a stronger community spirit in the locality. Our pupils are encouraged to have a say in the life of the school and to contribute to wider society, developing a sense of agency and of their own rights and responsibilities.

Entrepreneurial and economic literacy: Our pupils are also given an opportunity to understand economic difference in the world. Research, debate and discussion of world events allow pupils to reason, hypothesise and synthesise information, thinking about such issues as sustainability, poverty, hunger and more.

After his first time back in the classroom with our Reception class this afternoon you could see Mr Suttie’s love of teaching in his smile. As he walked back through the staff room “Ahhh, I’ve missed that, I really love teaching” was proudly announced.