Who Are We?

‘Who Are We?’


St Edward’s pupils have commenced an exciting ‘Theme of Investigation’ this term. They will be using a wide range of transdisciplinary skills to research, evaluate and reflect on the topic ‘Who Are We?’

Understanding how people, their actions and the environment have influenced and continue to influence society is the basis of the Humanities subjects. In History, Geography, Religious Studies, Global Citizenship, Performing & Creative Arts our Year 6 pupils have been researching their own family roots, where they are from, what cultures have influenced their identity and place in the world.

Year 6 pupils have expressed themselves through some wonderful artwork. Performing and expressive arts help develop their sense of identity at all levels, personal, social and cultural. Pupils experience and learn to value local, national and global culture, and will also develop a sense of their place in the world.

Their artwork exemplifies what an enriched knowledge of this topic they are already gaining and how they are embracing, valuing, respecting and celebrating difference in our world.