It’s not a box!


Year 5’s have been learning about incredible inventions and inventors that changed the world. They have focused on inventions that have had an impact on our lives today. From the alphabet (1700 -1500BC) to thanking the Greeks for the invention of the button in 700BC, paper money (a Chinese invention) along with the wheelbarrow (a welcome invention for those of us who are gardening enthusiasts) the astrolabe, cameras, toothpaste, coffee, chocolate, biros and many others. The boys found the inventions of the Golden Age fascinating, especially Al-jazari’s elephant clock which represented the multiculturalism in scientific thinking that was a feature of the Golden Age of Inventions. This week they have had a turn at inventing. A simple box has been reinvented into a puppet theatre by Oliver and Haider, Joshua has created a space shuttle whilst Alex, Max and Dimeji have taken boxes to create a space suit. Aniket and Samuel have created a new phone case design and Mwangi has made a wonderful maze, Yadveer and Jashan have created a robot in the hopes that it can complete their homework for them – as you can see – it’s simply not a box!

Mrs Andrew