Living Adventures!


On Tuesday 18th June, Year 1 visited the Living Rainforest to learn about the way in which plants and animals adapt to suit rainforest conditions across the globe. Our tour guide, Lucia, was most impressed not only with the attentive listening skills of the Year 1 boys, but by their wonderful knowledge – which they were only too keen to share!


Collectively, the boys hissed like snakes to reenact the way in which cockroaches scare off predators, they examined the various species of poison dart frogs and added to their understanding of animal classification categories. They now know what ‘gummivores’ and insectivors’ are!


Even though we did not manage to spot the sloth, we were fortunate to meet the rather charming Luigi, a Yellow Knobbed Curassow. The boys were fascinated to see a Salmon-Pink Bird Eating Tarantula’ up close and personal, and were astounded to hear that when attacked, this creature shoots hairs from it’s derriere, leaving a bald spot. The hairs are like shards of glass and act as darts, injuring the eyes of unsuspecting monkeys – a rather unique defensive strategy!


After an enjoyable session in the adventure playground, the boys ended their visit with a visit to the shop where they carefully calculated what they could purchase with their £3.


A wonderful day of discovery into a living world!


Mrs Blackburn