Rugby Season Begins


As our U9s had their gum shields fitted they discussed their season ahead and how they would all support each other in contact games which will be a first for some pupils.

Rugby is a great sport for kids for many reasons: it helps improve their physical fitness, as well as other physical skills—but that’s not all. It can also be an incredible confidence booster, and a good way for children to learn important lessons that they’ll remember for life.

As well as the physical benefits, it’s also a great way for them to improve essential physical skills such as hand-eye coordination, flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Children can learn valuable communication and interpersonal skills and life lessons, and can learn about themselves as well.

Rugby has clearly-defined rules of play. That means kids learn about the importance of playing by rules, and about morals, ethics, and fair play.

Rugby helps children challenge themselves. When kids learn the value of setting goals and challenging themselves, it helps set them up for a lifetime of achieving.

Rugby helps kids learn social skills. Kids who play team sports like rugby learn a whole host of important social skills—sportsmanship and fair play, cooperation and team spirit—that are essential for developing healthy relationships and succeeding at school and at work.

Rugby has strategic elements that help kids learn problem-solving. Not only that, but playing rugby and other tactical sports helps to improve concentration and analytical skills.


This term our pupils will be representing St Edward’s Prep in many inter-school fixtures across Berkshire. We will be facing teams from Bishopsgate, St Neot’s, Holme Grange, LVS, Brockhurst, Thorngrove, Reddam House, Dolphin, St Mary’s, Waverly, St George’s and Daneshill.


What great opportunities our teams will have to improve and play together. We wish them all the best of luck for the season!